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Share2VIP social distribution platform, a cross-border e-commerce distribution platform focused on two-way empowerment for suppliers and distributors, belongs to F&X Group, which helps factories and brand suppliers to expand their overseas sales by integrating supply chain resources from the Group’s WODTAC, Cloudway Logistics, Barn Overseas Warehouse and Cross Chant Finance.

The platform helps the network active people to realize their dream of running an e-commerce business in the easiest way, i.e. sharing on social media platforms.The platform solves a series of operational problems encountered by sellers such as difficult product selection, limited capital, high threshold of overseas warehouse services, and difficult after-sales service, and now supports distribution in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries.


Register as an affiliate and claim your custom url
Share this url far and wide! 
Every purchase made through this link will earn you 20-30% of the sale.
For every purchase milestone your url reaches, you’ll earn cash rewards

Click on Share Program in the top right corner to learn more about our incentive structure
Click on Join Now, and fill out our registration form
After registration, click on the affiliate option on the left sidebar
Now you can track your numbers and collect commission on sales made through your affiliate link

We pay by bank transfer or paypal. Select your preferred method on your affiliate account

If you earn commission through share2vip, we will pay you via paypal to your account, or you can transfer your earnings to your share2vip wallet account so that you can use them to place another order.

Yes (probably). If you don’t see it in our catalogue, get in touch and we’ll add it in. 

Shipping takes 3-15days, depending on the shipping address you fill in

We’re here to help. Send an email to [[email protected]] or whatsapp  [+] or facebook []

Worldwide Shipping

Efficient cross-border logistics and transportation, with overseas warehouses covering Asia, Europe and North America.

Best Quality

Global selection, goods provided by the top supply chain, goods origin direct supply; guarantee the quality of goods

Best Offers

Wholesale and retail, direct factory supply, obvious price advantage; we only earn a small profit only to get more users.

Secure Payments

Payment using mainstream payment platforms, logistics and transportation are shipped nearby and strictly packaged to ensure the integrity of the goods.

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